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Private instruction

I have been teaching drawing and painting on a private basis for nearly ten years, with students from 9 years old and up.  Private lessons are ideal for self-motivated students who have a regular practice of painting, as well as for beginners looking to break the inertia and intimidation and get started.

Private lessons are tailored to the needs of the individual student, beginner to advanced, in all media, with an eye toward helping students achieve their personal artistic and painterly goals, from realism to abstraction. Instruction is available in all traditional painting & drawing media, from water media (watercolor, gouache, acrylic) to oils.

Lessons are individual/private, and are typically 3 hour sessions involving lecture/discussion, then actual painting practice and tutorial. Lessons can be as often as twice a week, as infrequent as once a month. Reasonable rates, ($40/hr), private SF location.

Please email for more information, including scheduling availability & location.

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  Fall Workshops @ Sharon Art Studio    

Plein Air Painting in Oil or Acrylic




This 2 day workshop, held on consecutive Saturdays, is intended as a basic course in the challenging practice of painting outdoors.  This class will be best for people who have a certain level of comfort and experience with painting in general.

We will cover equipment and procedures, as well as basic concepts, the first morning, and then get outside and paint in Golden Gate Park.

Students are free to work in oil or acrylic as is their preference, to enroll, please go to

Class meets:

Saturdays | 10/2 & 10/9 | 10am-4:30pm
fee: $144 members / $154 non-members



  Landscape Fundamentals      

This class is an introduction to basic principles basic to painting landscapes successfully.

The focus is on drawing, composition, and value, the basic building blocks for creating deep space in a two-dimensional artwork.  We will study and break down these elements in the works of masters, and then apply our knowledge to drawing the landscape in Golden Gate Park, surrounding the Sharon Art Studio.

Saturdays | 10/23 & 10/30 | 10am-4pm

to enroll, please go to